To Our Followers

To our followers, 

Thank you for keeping up to date with our journey and for your patience over the past few months. Like many people, we have had to completely reset our plans and adjust to the pandemic facing the world. Now, we are excited to be moving forward.

We have learned and seen so much during our travels so far. We have captured hours upon hours of footage and have been keeping extensive journals. We are anxious to share all of it with you. The lockdown has posed technical and logistical challenges to posting our content, editing our videos, and more – but with a new route forward we should be moving beyond these challenges soon.

Our new route will return us east, but the only location we intend to see twice is Panama. We will head southeast from Tahiti through the Tuamotos and Gambier archipelagos, both are in French Polynesia and open to sailors. From there we will round Pitcairn and Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on our way to the Humboldt Current off the coast of Chile. This will take us north to Panama. We will be able to anchor in Ecuador along the way but not go ashore. We expect to transit the canal  around December and get back to the Atlantic. After the canal we will have a moment to assess border openings and plan our route forward from there. We are building the details of that itinerary as we go, so if you have any suggestions of people we should meet or places we should document, please let us know. Our mission, documenting the intersection of community based environmental action and culture, is still our primary goal moving forward, even though the pandemic has made a circumnavigation unfeasible. Hope still remains aboard J. Henry that an Atlantic crossing in May of 2021 will be possible before the boat finally makes it back to safe waters of Charleston Harbor, SC.

So please wish us luck, keep in touch, and stay tuned as Apparent Winds sails onward. Thank you very much for your interest and your encouraging support. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you and every moment we are thankful. We wish the best to all of you back home and around the world during these strange times. 

All the Best,

Tripp & Zach

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