Post July 31st, 2022

July 31st, 2022

Resilience is becoming a boat again. We’re becoming sailors again, albeit, our Caterpillar diesel engine has been our primary propulsion as we’ve make our way up the inside passages of Canada and now Alaska. I was scrolling through photos on my phone this morning while laying in bed. In photos, Resilience seems wet, cold, tired…broken. As I made my way into the last few weeks, the photos change to anchorages, passages and friends aboard. Every day our boat has come more alive.

Between March and July of this year (in 5 months!) we have:

  1. Formed a new non-profit organization
  2. Received our 501 (C)(3) status 
  3. Built a crew 
  4. Acquired a vessel
  5. Begun filming  
  6. Prepared the vessel for transit/work 
  7. Sailed to Alaska to begin our mission 

This has been one of the most challenging endeavors I have taken on, but when I look back on this year so far, I am encouraged.

We are sailing now. Our passage through Canada was transformative. All of us on the crew have begun to be reminded why we spent so many hard hours in the boatyard and in the bilge. As each day passed in transit, my nerves calmed a bit more. There’s something so complete about a boat at anchor in a distant harbor. A feeling that both vessel and crew are fulfilling our respective roles wholly. For the past two weeks, we have anchored in a new location nearly every day. Each time, we’d anchor and depart Resilience to see what the shore had to offer. Each time I’d gaze at our boat form afar. Perfect.

The transit through Canada was not just a shakedown and transition period. It was a chance for us to seek out stories form the region that we could revisit and film in September when we head back South. We had vague ideas of what we were searching for, but we could have never imagined the opportunities we would encounter and the people we’d meet. Those stories will be shared on our YouTube Channel in October.

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  1. Any photos of the boat under sail ? Do you need any sails?

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