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In my last post, I explained that we really need to get to work organizing and fundraising. We have a lot going for us! We need to keep the momentum going and plan for a sustainable future. This is a 10 year project and we want to start on the right foot.

That said, we are going to begin publishing nearly all written posts exclusively on The Apparent Winds Expedition Patreon page. If you’re not already a member of The Apparent Winds Expedition Patreon page, you can use the link below to learn how to join. Patreon allows us to sell subscriptions to content we create. It gives us a platform for generating the funds we need specifically for the media creation.

In addition to written posts, Patreon members will get:

  • Early access to The Apparent Winds Expedition Youtube videos (minimum once a month)
  • Access to full-length interviews
  • Access to behind the scenes videos
  • Access to media that doesn’t make it to youtube or other outlets
  • Exclusive opportunities to connect with our crew
  • Access to Apparent Winds merchandise and other goodies

Thanks for following Apparent Winds! Thanks for your support and we hope you will help support The Apparent Winds Expedition media creation by joining us on Patreon.

Please click here to see The Apparent Winds Expedition Patreon Page!

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