Sailing Home

Here’s a short bit I wrote approaching South Carolina for the first-time aboard Resilience. Our arrival to the East coast, our arrival home, has long been anticipated. We had always said that before we really got started, we needed to bring Resilience home. I have been daydreaming of home for quite some time…

There’s a sense I feel in me. It’s like a salmon returning to the stream or a horse returning to stable. A bird returning to the nesting grounds. I know the smell of this air, I know the smell and feel of this water. I’m familiar with the way the sun cuts through the atmosphere in the morning. I’m filled with joy and excitement. You wouldn’t need to tell me where we are or where we’re headed. I can feel it. 

Every boat we pass feels like a neighbor. I wave, they wave back. I can feel spring in the air, one of my favorite seasons here (along with fall, summer and winter). 

As we approach Rockville, the currents sweep us in, as if ushering us to the home it knows we belong to. I swear, I still haven’t found a more beautiful sunset than here. 

The morning of our final day at sea. Light air and gentle seas.

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