July Update – Headed to Maine!

On June 5th, Resilience departed Charleston for Southern New England. After a colorful passage of beautiful sailing, heavy squalls and days of calm, we arrived in Menemsha Bay, Martha’s Vineyard. We connected with old and new friends and gave our first presentation of the summer. We continued work needed aboard Resilience and addressed much needed administrative work. We then sailed for Woods Hole, where we got to know some of the folks and programs at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. We’re very excited to share how our new relationship with that incredible organization may unfold.  From Woods Hole we sailed for Newport and continued more of the same. Newport is considered, by many, to be the sailing capital of the world. That sentiment is clearly reflected on the incredibly active waterfront, filled with such a wide range of vessels ranging from foiling carbon-fiber multihulls to 100ft+ sailing yachts with famous names including “Rebecca”, “Ranger” or “JK9”. We’ve been fortunate to have been offered a mooring here. We’re thankful to have met some incredible people here and we hope to return on our way back South, but it’s time to sail on, and so the journey continues…  We’re now making our way from Newport to Maine by way of the Cape Cod Canal. If things go to plan, we will clear the canal before sunset and by sunrise, we will be just outside of Portland, Maine. There we will pick up our filmmaker, Brooke Raines, and then continue North.  We have high expectations for Maine. Neither Kiera nor I have been since we were kids, but fondness lives in our memories. I remember evergreens, rocks and moss. Mussel covered beaches and the smell of seaweed filling the air. Thick foggy days or crystal-clear weather comes to mind, without much in-between. Lobster buoys everywhere. Thick “Down East” accents. Cold water and dares between siblings and friends as to who will dive in first.  What will we find on this return? We’re planning on meeting with some pretty incredible people. There is a reason Maine has such a reputation. There’s a reason my memories are filled with the images of forest and virgin shorelines. There are stories that I was completely unaware of as a child. What was life like here long ago? What does the future hold? Hopefully we will be able to answer some of these questions. My curiosity and excitement are overflowing. 

Can you pick Resilience out from the crowd in Newport?

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