September Update

WOAH! The last few months, weeks and days have been a whirlwind!

As I write this, Resilience is moored in Newport, RI. This summer in the field has been an experience to itself and a reminder that every part of the world, no matter how familiar it may seem, is filled to the gills with interesting people, new experiences and plenty to learn.

We finished up our time in Maine with a slew of interviews and connections. This final round of interviews ranged from authors, scientists and fishermen to state representatives and indigenous leaders. We sailed into Maine with a hypothesis of sorts. We had expectations which were influenced by previous experiences and research we had done before our arrival. As we spent time in the state, we began to see this beautiful part of the world through a new lens. We continued to learn and form new ideas and questions. By the time we left, we had a thousand more questions! It wasn’t until we had left Maine weeks behind us, that we felt like had digested our experience and were able to share what we learned. With our filmmaker, Brooke Raines aboard, Kiera and I finally did our exit interviews and hashed out our time and Maine.

This summer we have made several stops at the headquarters of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. These visits had two goals: 1) to film and share the work of this incredible research and education institution and 2) to develop a professional strategic relationship with the organization in an effort to help us build our own research and data collection tools and expand the impact of our work. By the end of the summer, we succeeded in both of these goals. We are thrilled to be developing plans to deploy WHOI ARGO floats wherever they are needed along our route around the world. Use this link to learn more about the incredible ARGO program. WHOI also assisted us in identifying the tools we need aboard and avenues we can follow to ensure that the data we collect can be used by scientists and educators from around the world.

This summer we began developing a formal relationship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Specifically, we are working to develop avenues to collaborate with NOAA Education to build our educational impact but avoid re-inventing the wheel when it comes to curriculum development and educational resources surrounding marine and atmospheric science education. We plan to put our filmmaking capacity to work and at various times over the coming years, we hope to have NOAA scientists aboard, dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge and expanding critical science communications.

We can hardly wait to share our latest episodes which will begin airing in October and will share these past few months in detail. We plan to have a new episode up on YouTube at least every other week for the months of October and November. We will also be sharing a lot of new content with our Patrons on Patreon. Check out the link to learn more about that platform, which ultimately helps pay for some of the filming done with Apparent Winds.

We’re now preparing to sail for South Carolina. We have our eye on the weather and the suprisingly busy hurricane season in the Atlantic. We will head out of Newport for the Chesapeake but if the weather looks good we may just shoot past Hattaras and sail stright for Charleston! Next we have a mountain of work ahead of us. I’ll save the details of our final major refit for an upcoming post. We’re thrilled for what’s to come this winter and for our plans in 2024! More to come.

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