In addition to operations aboard the vessel and our administrative needs, we still need to share our story! To meet this need our founder, Prentice Brower has also founded the film and media company B&B Wonderworks. We are thankful for our partnership with B&B Wonderworks (B&B) for producing most of our media content ranging from literature to photography to film. All of this work is done at absolutely no cost to Apparent Winds! Thanks to B&B, we will be releasing videos every month on YouTube and shorter reels on our social media. You can find our Youtube episodes below!

B&B will also be working with Apparent Winds to film short educational videos to accompany our educational tools and curriculum. Our long-term goal is to film the entire 10-year expedition and create an impactful “docuseries”, which will magnify our work and the work of people from all around the world. 
B&B Wonderworks is an independent media partner and therefore 0% of Apparent Winds funding goes to filming or media. If you’d like to support B&B and their filming efforts as well as gain exclusive access to behind the scenes footage, full length interviews and other exclusive content you can become a member of their Patreon. Click here to learn more! 


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