A Journey Around the World

Apparent wind is the wind we feel when in motion.
It is the relative velocity of true wind and our movement in relation to it.

Apparent Winds is a journey around the world, using that concept as a metaphor, exploring human perspective in relation to shared natural forces.

The Apparent Winds Circumnavigation began in 2019 aboard SV J. Henry. The mission was to circumnavigate the world while seeking out individuals, organizations and communities who are working to restore and preserve the natural environment and cultural identity. The circumnavigation was planned to span two years. In 2020, the global pandemic halted J. Henry and her crew from continuing around the globe. With the changes in itinerary, came new perspective. Apparent Winds has taken the lessons learned from the first expedition aboard J. Henry, and is now planning a progression into a larger expedition which will share the experiences and opportunities of a global expedition with a wider audience.

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