Micro-Plastic Trawling

We’re proud to be partnered with the non-profit, 5Gyres, to assist in field research of micro-plastics, using their high-speed mini trawl!

How it works:

A net with a fixed opening is dragged off the side of the boat so as to avoid surface disturbance from the wake. The net tapers down to a very fine mesh sock that does not allow small particles to escape. The start coordinates and end coordinates are recorded as well as the start and end time. The average speed, wind, and current speed and direction are also recorded. After trawling for several hours, the trawl is removed from the water and the sock is emptied into a fine mesh sieve. After separating organic from inorganic matter, the sample is analyzed and sorted as follows; micro (>5mm) vs macro-plastic and type of plastic (line, foam, pellet, thin film, and fragment). Each category is counted, weighed, and recorded. Our data and sample is then sent to 5gyres for further analysis.

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