Apparent Winds

Apparent wind is the wind we feel when in motion.
It is the relative velocity of true wind and our movement in relation to it.

Apparent Winds is a journey around the world, using that concept as a metaphor, exploring human perspective in relation to shared natural forces.

Our Mission

Apparent Winds is dedicated to collecting and sharing stories of hope. Specifically we are focused on environmental and cultural preservation around and throughout the world. We operate a sailing research vessel which, in addition to being available for charter by various scientific groups, acts as a platform for our in house data collection, headquarters, and our means of sustainable travel. Our mission is to share these stories through film, educational outreach, and the written word. 


Apparent Winds is an expedition dedicated to collecting and sharing stories of hope. Specifically we are focused filming and documenting individuals, organizations, and communities working to restore and preserve the natural environment and cultural identity.


In order to truly understand our planet and the challenges we are facing, we must uncover the facts that can help guide our path forward. We’re working to do our small part in this effort by collecting water sample data and collaborating with researchers both aboard and ashore.

Additionally, we are working with other researchers to help them accomplish their work and report new findings.


Knowledge is the most powerful tool we have to help guide us towards a brighter and healthier future. Educational opportunities that apply to real-world problems are more impactful for students. Therefore, we intentionally develop our work to enhance the learning experience for students.

We provide raw data that students can use to analyze, form hypotheses, and perform their own research.

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.

Chief Seattle

We are just one drop in the ocean. Our time on this beautiful planet is borrowed and short. We’re dedicated to doing our small part to help leave it in better shape than we found it and we hope we can amplify the voices of others who are working to do the same.

About Us

Apparent Winds is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit devoted to environmental preservation by way of storytelling.

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