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Apparent Winds is a 10-year global expedition dedicated to collecting and sharing stories of environmental and cultural preservation while conducting marine research aboard sailing vessel ‘Resilience.’ We use storytelling to make tools for both the general public and in-school K-12 education, creating connections between people throughout the world.


Storytelling has the power to educate and drive societal change. It fosters trust, knowledge retention, and inspires action. Through our expedition, Apparent Winds, we collect and share stories of hope from individuals and communities working to restore and preserve the environment and cultural identity. By embracing diverse narratives, we aim to create a more inclusive and connected world.


Knowledge is the most powerful tool we have to help guide us towards a brighter and healthier future. Educational opportunities that apply to real-world problems are more impactful for students. Therefore, we are intentionally developing our work to enhance the learning experience for students.


To truly understand our planet and its challenges, we focus on uncovering essential facts to guide our path forward. We collect water samples, collaborate with researchers on land and at sea, and assist them in their work to uncover new discoveries. Through these efforts, we strive to deepen our understanding of our planet’s intricacies and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

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In the Field

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Where has October gone?!
Resilience docked at Charleston Maritime Center Ok, first of all, how has …
October Update
We’re finally sailing South for Charleston, South Carolina! We’ve had an incredible …
September Update
WOAH! The last few months, weeks and days have been a whirlwind! …

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Apparent Winds is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit devoted to environmental preservation by way of storytelling.

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